Manufacturing processes

Manufacturing, packing and packaging of pharmaceutical products

Manufacturing, packing and packaging of dermo-cosmetic products

Manufacturing, packing and packaging of liquids and semi-solids

  1. Medications, personal care products, sunscreens, moisturizers, medicated shampoos.

  • Syrups: Aqueous solutions packaged in plastic bottles from 5 mL.
  • Drops: Packaged in dispenser bottles with a sub-cap dropper according to the required design from 5 mL.
  • Suspensions: Dispersion of solid active ingredients in an aqueous phase from 30 mL.
  • Lotions: Liquid pharmaceutical forms in aqueous or alcohol phases for topical use.
  • Gels and ointments: Medicated or non-medicated packaged in plastic, laminate or metallic tubes and plastic or metallic bottles from 5 g.
  • Creams: Aqueous / Oily emulsions packaged in plastic or metallic tubes from 5 g.
  1. Equipment.

  • Manufacturing starting from 100 L.
    Unimix Reactors, Becomix, boiling pans, blenders, mixers, storage tanks.
  • Packing and packaging.
    Bottles: Plastic, glass and droppers.
    Tubes: Plastic, laminate and metallic
  • Equipment.
    Monoblock Packaging Machine IMA.
    Axomatic Packaging Machine.
    Horizontal and vertical sachet packaging machine
  • Processes.
    Automatic labeling. Automated case packing with inclusion of inserts and Hot Melt security sealing.
    Automated case packing by weight in the end-of-line packaging.