Manufacturing and packaging of liquids and semisolids

  • Manufacturing, packing and packaging for personal care products, sunscreens, moisturizers, medicated shampoos

    1. Syrups: Aqueous solutions packaged in plastic bottles from 60 mL to 240 mL.
    2. Drops: Packaged in dosing bottles with a sub-cap dropper according to the required design.
    3. Lotions: Liquid pharmaceutical forms in aqueous or alcohol phases for topical use.
    4. Gels: Medicated or non-medicated in plastic, laminar or metallic tubes or plastic or metallic bottles.
    5. Ointments: Oily pharmaceutical forms based on paraffin, Vaseline or other excipients.
  1. Creams: Aqueous / Oily Emulsions packaged in plastic or metallic tubes.